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‘And there the carnage began’: how the Florida high school shooting unfolded

“[The shooter] went and go off the fireplace alarm therefore the children would come back gushing out of the school rooms into the hall,” Bill admiral, a USA legislator, told reporters. “And there the massacre began.”

It was, within the words of Scott Israel, the law officer of Broward county, merely “another horrific day, a detestable day. I’m completely sick to my abdomen to see youngsters who attend college with backpacks and pencils lose their lives”.

The massacre began at concerning 2.30pm, near dismissal time, once the killer entered the field and go off the alarm.

It was the second fireplace alarm of the day, students same. the primary had been a planned drill however the second siren alerted some that one thing wasn’t right.

Staff yelled at their students to urge into lecture rooms quickly because the shooter began his killing spree. Some lecturers right away slammed their room doors shut and taught students to cover by the walls.

Children used their cellphones to text oldsters and livestream pictures, a number of the videos that includes chaos and screaming. One lady told a neighborhood newscast crew that she saw a tutor shot dead before of her as he tried to lock the room door. It remained open because the killer passed on by in the corridor.

One 15-year-old student, seeing the gunman enter his room, determined to lie on the ground pretence to be dead, in keeping with 23-year-old Sivan Odiz, a local resident and family friend who spoke to the boy after the massacre.

Sarah Crescitelli, 15, cowered in the school’s drama building as she detected a lot of shots ring out. She tried to reassure her classmates that each one would be OK and sent her mother a text message: “If I don’t build it i really like you and i appreciated everything you probably did on behalf of me.”

A police SWAT team eventually arrived, instructing Crescitelli and other students to boost their hands and last the exit. “I’m afraid,” she said. “I didn’t extremely suppose it may happen, however I’m simply glad that I’m OK.”

Another lady, who sought refuge beneath desks during a room with fellow students, told however the shooter tried to urge them to return out. “He was taunting us, going ‘hey, hey’, screaming at us like he needed to get us out. but we wouldn’t,” she said.

“There was no confrontation. He was taken into arrest without incident,” Israel aforesaid, adding that Cruz had “countless” magazines of ammunition with him.

Investigators who checked out Cruz’s social media pages on Wednesday found things that were “very, terribly disturbing”, Israel aforesaid while not elaboration. By nightfall, Cruz was beneath interrogation by FBI agents and detectives at Broward police station.

Cruz, who had worked at a dollar Tree store near the highschool when his expulsion, was represented by students as a disturbed young man who usually spoke about violence and guns.

“He started posting things on his Instagram, killing animals, stuff like that,” 17-year-old Dakota Mutchler, a junior-year student at Stoneman Douglas, told the Guardian.

Mutchler aforesaid he had fallen out of bit with Cruz when his expulsion – however Cruz had bragged to him in the past about firing his air rifle in his yard throughout practice.

“He simply modified,” united Victoria Olvera, 17, who struggled to carry back tears as she spoke. “As way as I knew, he was sort of a future school shooter.” Olvera clutched a photograph of a close class fellow who had not yet been accounted for, distressed she might have been killed.

By 9pm, at a night press conference, Israel aforesaid twelve of the seventeen victims had been known, though their names wouldn’t be free till their families had been informed . Some were adults, some were kids, he said. “We lost a coach from Stoneman Douglas High tonight.”

For Israel, who alittle over a year ago was handling a mass shooting at Fort Lauderdale international airport, the tragedy struck near home. His own 3 kids, triplets, once attended and graduated from Stoneman Douglas.

Doctors at Broward Health aforesaid seventeen patients were taken to 3 hospitals in the area. One was the shooter, who was treated shortly for an unidentified injury, and free to police custody.

Medical employees wouldn’t discuss patients’ ages, injuries or conditions, however aforesaid that of the eight patients at Broward North medical centre, 2 had died, 3 were during a crucial condition and 3 stable.

“We have penetrative trauma, non-penetrative trauma, that’s what we do a day,” same medicine director Igor Nichiporenko. Of the 3 still in surgery on Wednesday night, he said: “They’re about to have successful surgeries, they’re going to recover, they’re going to go home.”

Throughout the evening students, several visibly traumatised, had been taken from the school to a neighborhood Marriott hotel where many were questioned by law enforcement before being released back to their families who had assembled as a group outside.

Asked by the Guardian if the tragedy ought to lead to stricter regulating for individuals with mental health problems, he replied: “I don’t need to urge into a gun debate. i actually don’t. What are you planning to do? Confiscate everybody’s guns? we’ve got millions and millions of weapons … I’m a gun owner. I don’t need the govt. taking my gun.”

“All the regulation in the world wouldn’t have prevented essentially what happened nowadays. It’s one thing that’s tragic, however what regulation are you able to pass that takes away the guns that are already out there?” he aforesaid.

Among those absent from the debate was Donald Trump. By the late evening, reports emerged that the president wouldn’t be speaking publically about the mass shooting, despite aides advising him otherwise.

Earlier in the day Trump had tweeted a message to send his “prayers and condolences”, adding: “No kid, teacher or anyone else ought to ever feel unsafe in an american school.”

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